We are Ale and Isa, welcome to casaDoria.

We have been chasing the dream of a life in contact with nature and the sea since years.
Australia, Mozambique, Vietnam ..

…but Milan has trapped us with his unstoppable frenzy , our relatives, friends, jobs , grandchildren ...
But we never stopped dreaming and we never gave up.

Every time there was something that didn’t fully convince us, maybe it was not the time ... …then one day Casa Doria knocked on our door and we opened. the rest of the story? We will tell you here.

casaDoria - Cape Trahoula

casaDoria - Loutra view

CasaDoria is in Loutra close to Lentas , on the south coast of Crete.
An old tavern turned into a seaside retreat. A large white house surrounded by severe mountains and fascinating canyons that flow on desert beaches. Harsh nature , only the sky and the sea that kidnap the eyes and invade the heart.
In this remote area of the pre- Minoan Greece, our beautiful terrace overlooking the Libyan Sea is like a last outpost across from Africa.
If you are looking for silence, deserted beaches, untouched sea and nature where relax and lose track of time, this is the place for you. You will not find pubs and clubs , the only sound will be the wind.

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