We' ve been looking for this place for a long time...

We’ve travelled a lot around the world, reaching isolated corners off the standard routes, in search of a site that was still genuine, where the sea and the nature were the only masters

… in the end it was this place that found us.

This is a place for those who want to enjoy the luxury of a different concept of life, and we aim at conveying the best of this experience, although just for a short staying or holiday time.

The way is this “perfectly unknown” place, imperfect for those who can’t escape the routine, the rushing and dreamless ordinary life. Perfect for people willing to live every moment of each single day, to rediscover the sea in its essence, and to face it, so wide and, at the same time, so intimate, so profound.

casaDoria - Cape Trahoula

casaDoria - Loutra view

Here in Loutra, a few km away from Lentas, in the deep south of the island of Crete and in the most southern edge of this frenetic Europe, it's possible to enjoy the miracle of a time that “happens to be”. This sense of time that you can still almost touch, here, in front of the Lybic Sea, is priceless ‘cause it is, amazingly, the same time that spelled the life of the locals for four thousand years. 

In this remote area of the Greek pre-minoan land, the edge facing the African continent, we wanted to give life to the [SlowLife Hotel] concept since here everybody can finally slow down … first of all inside one‘s mind and heart.
Because of this casaDoria was born right here

casaDoria is not a B&B, neither an hotel, nor a guesthouse, or a rooms-for-rent, casaDoria is the place where we live by the sea and that we want to share with those who think like us.

casaDoria welcomes you in its simple but comfortable rooms, and invites you for a lunch or dinner in its little restaurant with Greek and Italian cuisine.

This is the only certainty, the only ambition, the single easy luxury of casaDoria: the luxury of time.

If you are looking for “la movida” if you love to “be someone”, if you can’t do without the fantastic discos’ “night fever”, casaDoria is not for you.

But, if you wish a cove for “slowing down and breath”, you are more than welcomed in our, still Your, house of the “Time that happens to be”.

Jacopo & Valeria


Jacopo Doria, after being working for almost twenty years in the tourism as hotels and resorts manager, and having cooperated with leading Italian tour operators, decided to exploit his experience and stop in the only possible location for him:   in Greece, by the sea.

Valeria Fava, has covered responsibility positions within major multinational companies until she discovered an insane, unavoidable, uncontrollable passion for the sea and the scuba diving that drove her into getting the PADI certification as instructor (OWSI) in 2002. Again, also for her, the only possible setting was at no less than 100 mt from the shore … in Greece.

… about the rest, we can talk face to face. 

casaDoria - Jacopo & Valeria

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