The absolute calmness of the place, the south exposition and the breathless sea view, together with a 93% of sunny days per year, tempt you to invest your time in what you love best…

For trekking and free-climbing enthusiasts, this land offers fascinating paths starting from casaDoria

free climbing - casaDoria

mountain bike - casaDoria

Diving activity is made through LEVIN Diving Centre

Diving - casaDoria

To those who are fond of mountain bike, the nature trails will offer you a direct contact with the wild surroundings, but please do not forget to bring with you a certain water stock!

Isolated places and beaches are a temptation to catch by renting a 4x4 car or an endurance motorbike, for discovering even more desert places.

Beside all the above possible activities, you will find that the most amazing one is "dreaming": you will realize by yourself  that, for a strange combination of factors, in this place you will wake up every morning with a new dream to tell.

Lentas - casaDoria

…and, if you are not interested in any of these activities, we just want you to enjoy your time and the panorama by our  terrace, waiting the night-time to get moon-struck. This place will fascinate you with one of the best fantastic starry sky, whispering memories of ancient Greek myths.

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