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Everything is going to be OK

  • What to bring: Trekking and beach shoes as well as beach towels, lots of energy and happiness.
  • What not to bring (we will give you): Hairdryer, beach umbrellas, snorkelling equipment.
  • Beaches in our area are quite wild and most of them do not have bars or restaurants so always carry enough water. You might find nudists on the beach.
  • The nearest Hospital, Pharmacy, Bank ATM and Gas station, are in Mires (or Moires) 40 minutes of car away from casaDoria. Remember to bring all you need and put gasoline in your car. In Lendas, 3 km from casaDoria, you will find two small supermarkets, about ten Greek restaurants, shops and bars.
  • Our Eco philosophy makes us a bit maniac on energy saving and waste, help us with this mission, we will appreciate it.
  • Internet connection is today essential, we have free Wi-Fi but please, try to unplug and enjoy the nature.
  • Crete is a beautiful island but it is very big with curvy roads. Plan well your holiday and transfer timings, it is impossible to see it all, better concentrate on some areas.
  •  We love animals. We have some nice and quiet cats.